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“The Perpetual Promoting Machine!”

Secret Cash Processing Institution Will Make You An “Instant Millionaire” With A Unique “Cash Account” Opened Up Just For You – GUARANTEED!

“The Perpetual Marketing Machine”!

How To Instantly Receive $5 And Then
Receive $10 Over And Over Again –
Just To Promote Your Business!!

I’m Shocked!

And Discover The Shocking
How I Already Made $5
Simply Because You Visited My Website!

Hey! I have a very pleasant surprise for you. Put your wallet away. I don’t want your money! Period.

You see, I already got $5 when you hit this page!

And You Can Do This Too!

Let me explain...

Hide Your Wallet NOW!!

I’m going to show you how to finally make money on the internet by simply promoting your primary business and receiving gazillions of $5 Bills for doing so!

Get Truckloads of Cash!

How Many $5 Bills Do You Want?...

It doesn’t matter what your business is and it won’t matter whether or not you make any money in that business.

You’ll get truckloads of CASHjust to promote it.

You Can Receive Unlimited FREE $5 and $10 Bills!!

Or, if you don’t have a business to promote but want to repeatedly receive $5 Bills for sending people to this page, plus a $10 Bill for each one who joins a secret program to receive FREE CASH, you can do that too!

The very first thing I will show you is...

...How To Receive CASHInstantly!


But don’t worry!

No Gambling Is Involed!

•  There’s no gambling involved.

•  No binary options or other risky trading.

•  No stocks, real estate or investment of any kind.

It’ll Pump Out CASH Like Money Is
Going Out Of Style!

All you have to do is set up a special App which permits you to save lots of money when you buy things you already buy now!

But ... the moment you set up your special App, it will instantly start pumpin’ out $5 Bills for every single person you send to this page – if they sign up for FREE!

Pumping Out Money!

It’s Almost As If By Magic!!

It’s Magic!

But, I’m Not Done Yet!!... There’s More!!

Get $10 Over And Over Again!

Second, I’m going to show you how to receive $10 FREE, over and over again, deposited directly into your PayPal account, whenever visitors join a secret program to receive FREE CASH! (They get FREE CASH! You get a FREE $10 Bill!)

Of course, you could tell your friends and relatives about this so they can get their FREE $5 Bills and you can get $10 for each of them who joins the secret program to get FREE CASH!

But, That Is NOT Required.

Nope! Who on earth wants to harass their loved ones and friends?...

Leave Me Alone!

And, Why In Heaven’s Name...

...would they want FREE $5 Billsjust for sending people to this website?...

Besides, you won’t need to bother your friends and relatives. You can receive all of the FREE $5 and $10 BILLS you want by simply using our special, unique and proprietary system!

It’s The Technology!

Technology Is The Key!

All you have to do to make money is turn on your computer and fire up a special software you’ll get, by performing a simple 5-minute task every day! That’s it!

Then, Just Sit Back, Twiddle Your
Thumbs And Watch TV...

Be A “Lazy Bones!”

...or go shopping ... or do whatever suits your fancy! And the software will be running in the background and finding you all sorts of people who want to receive $5 for everyone they send to this page!

There’s A Catch!

But,... There’s A Catch!

You have to use our unique and proprietary system in order for all of this to work. That requires a 5 minute task to be performed every day!

But Here’s The Exciting Part!

You can make lots of money even if you don’t know a single person who wants FREE $5 BILLS for sending people to this website. Just use our system (a simple 5-minute chore) to find people to simply “check it out” and ... WHAMBO!

You Scored the Jackpot!

The Ball’s In Your Ballpark!

When they land on this page, by following your unique affiliate link – Cha-Ching!

You Just Hit Pay Dirt!

You hit pay dirt!

You get 5 Bucks every single time – if they leave their email! (They will! After all, you left your email, did’t you?...) And set up their App!

Just Send People FAST!

Send 1 person here and receive $5! Send 10 people here and get $50! Send 1,000 people here and.... Well, you get the picture!

Send People FAST!

Plus, you’ll still receive your FREE $10 for every one of them who joins the secret program to get FREE CASH!

Warehouses of CASH!

That Alone Can Bring You
Warehouses Of CASH!

However, if you have a product, a service or a business opportunity you want to promote, I will show you how to use this unique system to advertise whatever it is you are trying to sell – by simply performing a daily 5-minute task to repeatedly receive FREE $5 and $10 Bills!

Don’t Have Anything To Promote?...

That’s okay. You won’t have to sell a thing in order to use this unique system.

You’re Selling Something!

Or You Can Be Like “Alice In Wonderland!”

But, if you want to passively make money using this shocking system to promote a business, but don’t have anything to promote, then I have a wonderful opportunity for you.

It is something you can promote with this amazing system and potentially make tons of money.

You’ll Be In “Wonderland”!

Alice In Wonderland!

But don’t worry.

You won’t have to use this entire system in order to profit from it. You could just sign up to receive quick and easy $5 Bills for sending people to this website.

“The Money Tree!”

You’ll be $5, $10, $50, or ... richer every day and no one will be the wiser!

Or, you could be getting multitudes of FREE $5 Bills and also start receiving unlimited FREE $5 and $10 Bills, ABSOLUTELY FREE, by joining the secret program to get FREE CASH!

So, Money Does Grow On Trees?...

Yup! You could spend the rest of your life passively receiving unlimited $5 and $10 Bills for performing a simple 5-minute task each day that will literally flood this site with visitors – and let it go at that.

But You Can Promote Your Business, Too!

Or, you can do the first two (2) things and use this amazing system to automatically promote any product, service, affiliate program or business opportunity of your choice.

And you won’t have to beat your head on the table to do it!

Plus, I will even provide you with a fantastic money-making opportunity if you need or want one!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

I Know You Think I’m Crazy.

No!  I’m Not Crazy!

That’s okay. I’ve been called worse than that! And, I won’t even tell you what my ex-wife thinks of me!

It’s Not Suitable For The Ears
Of Women And Children.

Ir’s not suitable for women and childred!

But, This System Is Really Quite Simple.

“Ah-h!  I got it!”

I’m pretty sure old Albert would say: “Ah-h! I got it!” But, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out!

When you sign up, you will receive a free affiliate website exactly like this one.

Then, when you use our system (a daily 5-minute task), you will go on autopilot, showing your affiliate website to other people who will learn how they, too, can promote their own businesses using our proprietary system – and receive FREE $5 and $10 PAYMENTS for doing it.

And when they join the secret program to start getting FREE CASH, you’ll get a whoppin’ $10 deposited right into your PayPal account!

You Simply Can’t Lose!

But, regardless whether anyone signs up to receive FREE CASH, you will still get a whoppin’ 5 Bucks for every person who follows your affiliate link to visit this website!

So, no matter what, you just cannot lose!

You Lose!

In other words, if you simply got everyone you know to click your link and leave their email, that’s how many $5 Bills you will receive!

That’s pretty simple, isn’t it?...

But, I Think They Have Gone Mad And
Jumped Off The Deep End?

The Agency Has Gone Mad!

As to what possessed the secret agency to hand out unlimited $10 payments, ABSOLUTELY FREE, I really don't know. I think they are the ones who’ve gone mad!

And, why the other benevolent company decided to partner with us to give you the opportunity to receive all those $5 Bills...

...well, that’s a real mystery, too.

All I Know Is That They Truly
Want To Help People.

Help is coming!

But, I can assure you that every single word on this page is...


Just Sign Up Below For FREE!

Then set up your system (it only takes a few minutes).

You Will Face The Truth!

And, Don’t Forget Your Daily Chore!

Do Your Chore For The Day!

Last but not least, keep the software fired up by doing a simple 5-minute task each day.

After you complete your “chore for the day”, first thing every morning, just browse the internet – or do whatever it is that you normally do on your computer ... Facebook, Twitter, listen to your favorite music, word processing, literally anything!

Or, Why Not Go Fishing?...

For that matter, once you complete your “daily chore”, you could turn off your computer and go fishin’! (But don’t turn your computer off!)

If you have to go to work, that’s okay too. (But, if you keep performing your 5-minute task regularly, every day without fail, you may not have to work much longer – unless you want to!)

Why Not Go Fishing?

Frankly, it really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you spend 5 minutes a day firing up the software. At that point, you truly can start receiving FREE $5 and $10 Bills – and very possibly many many more of them than you will ever know what to do with!

Promote Your Business Here!

But, If You Have A Business
To Promote...

...you will also be passively promoting it, without having to do anything else, while you are having fun surfing the internet or fishing or doing whatever you want, and getting all those FREE $5 and $10 Bills!

But Here’s The Really Exciting Thing!

There is a viral platform incorporated right into this system.

Our proprietary technology will transform your affiliate website into a powerful, unstoppable “Perpetual Motion Promoting Machine” driving MULTITUDES of red hot prospects right to your primary business – like a steaming, “huffing-puffing”, run-away locomotive!

It’s a run-away locomotive!

You’ll be rocketing freightloads of fresh viral traffic right to your main business! This viral platform is explained, at least in part, below, at the end of this presentation.

To Start Up This Process Just Give Away Lots
Of FREE CASH By Allowing Visitors
To Join The Secret Program!

Get Freightloads Of Money!

All you have to do is spend a few minutes setting up your “Perpetual Promoting Machine” and then give away as much FREE CASH as you can. Just fire up the software (5 minutes a day) and let people join the secret program so you can collect tons of $10 Bills.

And, How Many $10 Bills
Can You Get?...

Well, you’ll probably feel like you had a license to print $5 and $10 Bills!

Print $10 Bills!

It’s As If You Can Legally Rob Banks!

Legally Rob Banks!

And, If That Is Not Enough To Get A Monkey
All Excited And Jumping Up And Down...

It’ll Get A Monkey All Excited!

...there are even more astonishing features that I haven’t even mentioned yet. Also, you can easily see that money-generating technology is built right into the software itself.

You can potentially receive hundreds of dollars per month in $5 Bills when running the software in the background and passively promoting your primary business – while you go about your daily activities!

In addition to that, you can receive unlimited FREE $5 and $10 Bills...

...Through The Secret Program

Unlimited FREE $10 Bills!

So Forget About Fishing! Why Not
Go On Vacation?...

Go on vacation!

But, What If It Doesn’t Work?...

Nothing Works!

Just spend 5 minutes activating the software every day and you will create your own personal “Perpetual Motion Promoting Machine”!

And, it won’t matter if nothing in this system works for you or if you take advantage of the other benefits of the program.

You WILL have a real live...

...“Perpetual Motion Promoting Machine”!

Perpetual Motion Machine!  It Just Keeps Going!

Just Fire Up The Software...

...every single day by performing a simple 5 minute task. And, presto!

You will automatically start receiving extra money – unlimited $5 and $10 Bills – each month! (Well, it’ll probably be daily or perhaps even hourly!!!)

Would that ease your budget a bit?...

Fire It Up!

This Changes Everything!

Now It’s All Up To You!

You may use this system for any purpose you see fit as long as it is legal and ethical!

But, Whatever That May Be...

...I’m pretty sure all of this must sound too good to be true, like a fairy tale. So, there’s just one last question you probably have.

“Hey, Is This For Real?...”

Is This For Real?

And I Intend To Answer it.

And my answer is pretty simple.

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to find out – not even one measly dime.

So, What Do You Have To Lose?...

When I said you could put your wallet away, I sincerely meant it!

I Promise You....

It Won’t Cost An Arm And A Leg!

You Won’t Be Fooled!

•  There’s no cost to join.

•  There won’t be any upsells.

•  No MLM or network marketing!

•  Absolutely no pyramid schemes!

•  No gimmicks ... tricks ... or scams.

•  And, there won’t be any one time offers. (You know. Get it now or pay triple the price later.)

It’s Just The Secret Program!

My only incentive for telling you about this is the FREE $10 Bill I’ll get if you sign up to start receiving FREE CASH through the secret program.

That’s my reward for telling you! (Well, I’m also promoting my primary business – on autopilot!)

I’ve Got A Secret!

So The Ball Is In Your Ballpark!

The Ball’s In Your Ballpark!

You can sign up for FREE and get all the exciting details!

Or, You Can Leave This Page Forever
And Never Come Back!

I’m never coming back!

It’s no sweat off my back either way. As I said before, I’ve already earned 5 Bucks because you visited my site.

I Just Want You To Make Up
Your Own Mind!

Granted. I’d enjoy the extra $10 I’d get if you signed up to get your FREE CASH!

But, honestly, I’m content with just $5 for your visit to my website.

What?... You’re Undecided?...

The $10 is simply “icing on the cake”!

So, the choice really is yours. No pressure.

What?... You’re Undecided?...

Well, there’s one thing for certain...

You will never know for sure if it really is true unless you take action right NOW!

If you go on your merry way without signing up to get your FREE CASH, you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering if it was true. Was it really possible?...

Ask yourself this one question: “What if I walk away from this deal and it really is all true?”

Is It Really Possible?

Are You Going To Regret It?...

I Regret Everything!

Your opportunity is quickly fleeting!...

Like I said, it’s FREE to find out! Click the Join Now button TODAY, without delay, before this offer...

...Disappears Forever!

Poof!  It’s Gone!

Free Offer Ends In...

Just Sign Up Below NOW!

Join NOW!

Set Up Your Free Shopping
App To Get Unlimited
FREE $5 Bills!

Get Unlimited $5 Bills!

Join The Secret Program
To Receive Unlimited
FREE $10 Bills!

Get Unlimited $10 Bills!

Then Perform An Easy Daily
5-Minute Chore To Set
Everything In Motion!

You Sure Made Easy Work Of It!

It’s FREE To Find Out! So What
Do You Have To Lose?...

I’m not supposed to lose!

Join TODAY Without Delay!

Join NOW!

In Conclusion I Present:
“The Final Insult!”

The Final Insult!

How To Insult Your Competition
By Getting Hits Galore!

Going Bananas!

One of the remarkable features of our technology, which makes this program go absolutely bananas, and freakin’ crazy, is that your visitors will be required to share your affiliate link, socially, before they will be permitted to join this program.

And That WILL Make Your Site Go
“Freakin’ Crazy”!

It’ll go freakin’ crazy!

Like An Erupting Volcano!

That’s right! When you perform your 5-minute “daily chore”, to get some initial hits, this magical feature will very quickly explode your traffic into a giant erupting volcano of hits “sky-rocketing” right to your affiliate page!

Erupting Volcano!

And, You’ll Get A $5 Bill For
Every One Of Those Hits!

This viral feature is just one way this wonderful system can help you create a “Perpetual Promoting Machine”!

In fact, it may allow you to eventually quit doing the 5-minute chore because hits could start...

$5 For Every Hit!

...rushing in automatically
as if by magic!

As If By Magic!

Do you know what THAT means?...

It’s Time For YOU To
Be A Friend!

Please Be My Friend!

And, THAT can only mean one thing!


I lied!

So, I Must Confess Now!

We confess!


It’s not FREE after all!

Nope! This miraculous system ISN’T FREE after all!

And, That’s The Real Truth!

I’m dropping a truth bomb!

“Yikes! Then It’s A Trap!”
Says The Admiral.

It’s a TRAP!

No! That’s not it! The reality is that...

...We Must Be FAIR!

It’s a not fair!

You see, in order to be fair to all of our members, we ask everyone who joins to do this one simple thing.

Just “Pay” By Sharing!

Just pay by sharing!

...And NOT With Your Hard
Earned Money!

Money Please!

DON’T Throw Your Money Away!

Don’t Throw Money Away!

So, I Did’t Really Lie After All!
I Only Told A Half-Truth!

The truth shall set you FREE!

It Truly is FREE To Join!

No!  It’s FREE!

It won’t cost you one single red cent! No siree!

I Won’t Even Hold You Up For
A Measly 30 Cent!

You won’t spend 30 cents!

But, You WILL Pay For It!

Pay up NOW!

You’ll just pay by being a friendNOT with your money!


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